Target for General Evaluation

Bunker_2Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes!
– Colonel Prescott

A Target for the General Evaluator

as presented by Kevin L. Carlson, CTM, © 1999

The General Evaluator gives feedback to the meeting participants who have not already been evaluated. Here is the opportunity for the Toastmaster, Table Topics Master, Table Topics participants, and the Evaluators to receive feedback on how well they did and to hear suggestions on how to improve. The Timer and the LanguageCop are also there to help participants see how well they are doing in achieving their goals; call on them for their reports.

  1. Presiding Officer
    1. Did the meeting start on time? 
    2. Were the guests welcomed? 
  2. Toastmaster
    1. Were the meeting roles explained? 
    2. Did the introductions include…
      1. a brief biographical sketch? 
      2. the objectives of the speech? 
      3. the speech title? 
    3. Were the transitions between speeches smooth? 
    4. Did the segues between speeches show that the Toastmaster was listening? 
    5. Will the meeting end on time? 
  3. Table Topics Master
    1. Were the topics appropriate? 
    2. Were the topics introduced in 1 minute or less? 
    3. Were any special techniques, (props, gestures,…), employed? 
    4. Were guests invited to participate? 
    5. Did all those without a role get to participate? 
  4. Table Topics Participants
    1. How has each speaker improved? 
    2. Were any special techniques, (rephrase, artful dodge,…), used? 
    3. What, in terms of the mechanics of impromptu speaking, can be improved? 
  5. Evaluators
    1. Was the book report summary avoided? 
    2. Was the ‘sandwich’ technique employed…
      1. Did it begin on a positive note? 
      2. Was at least one suggestion for improvement made? 
      3. Were more than 3 suggestions made? 
      4. Was encouragement added at the close? 

Just like a speech evaluation, the general evaluation should neither be a whitewash nor a scathing criticism, but should point out where the club could use some improvement and what we are doing well.