Boston Speech Party Achieves President’s Distinguished Status and Award Recipients

For the first time ever, Boston Speech Party has achieved President’s Distinguished status in the Toastmasters Distinguished Club Program which is the highest level. This accomplishment is in large part due to the extraordinary effort of a number of members who worked very hard to complete their goals. This was particularly notable due to the additional challenges of moving the meetings online and at the same time continuing to keep up with all the objectives.

Congratulations to the following award winners:

Triple Crown (Competent Communicator, Competent Leader and Advanced Leader Bronze awards): Mike Kelley and Alexander Becerra
Competent Communicator and Competent Leader awards: Kim Cable
Presentation Mastery Levels 1 and 2 awards (Pathways): Brock Treworgy
Competent Leader award: Kevin Martin

Congrats again to all the award recipients and to Boston Speech Party!

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