Speech Objectives

The Pathways Learning Experience is a flexible and interactive way to develop your communication and leadership skills and help others in the club to develop theirs.

There are 11 different paths/projects to choose from:

  • Dynamic Leadership
  • Presentation Mastery
  • Effective Coaching
  • Engaging Humor
  • Innovative Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Motivational Strategies
  • Persuasive Influence
  • Strategic Relationships
  • Team Collaboration
  • Visionary Communication

Pathways helps you develop real-world transferable skills and gives you the opportunity to build up to 300 unique competencies.

Read more about Pathways and take an online assessment to help you decide which path is right for you.

Each path/project begins with the ice breaker and then each subsequent speech builds on what you have learned in your preceding speeches.

The ice breaker speech:

  • The Ice Breaker Objectives:
    • To begin speaking before an audience
    • To help you understand what areas require particular emphasis in your speaking development
    • To introduce yourself to your fellow club members