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To start, some useful set of references: Jokes at textjokes.comQuotes at quotationspage.comLink to application for CTM Award

District 31 website with useful info, important dates and links at

TM Education and Awards

Update your name and address at Toastmasters Headquarters

A great place to get answers to questions you never even thought of asking is at the reference desk in a library; here’s a virtual one. The Reference Desk
A good place to look for words to check on the proper spelling, pronunciation, and definition is the dictionary. Merriam-Webster OnLine DictionaryCleverKeysDictionary.comCasey’s Snow Day Reverse Dictionary (and Guru)

yo! rap dictionary

Now, you should never use a big word when a diminutive one will do, however, to find synonyms and antonyms, use a thesaurus. Merriam-Webster OnLine ThesaurusARTFL Project: ROGET’S Thesaurus Search Form Search FormThesaurus.comPlumb Design’s Visual Thesaurus, interesting.

WordNet from New Jersey, Princeton, that is.

The electronic equivalent of the word of the day vocabulary building calendar can be found at various locations. Word Command Word-of-the-DayCool Word of the Day from York University, eh? Word-of-the-DayMerriam-Webster Word-of-the-Day

As in all things Internet, the final word of the day from Random House is Farewell

get the script… A.Word.A.Day:

or visit the site A.Word.A.Day. fromwordsmith

Once you have mastered the task of spelling humongous words properly, you may wish to string those words together in some coherent fashion. Don’t underestimate the importance of correct grammar and punctuation. A darling of a grammarsite by Professor DarlingGrammar Lady has “Typo of the Weak”The elements of style, by William Strunk, Jr.11 Rules of Writing

Associated Press Stylebook for the journalist.

OWL, The Online Writing Lab from Purdue University. It takes a tough writer to make a tender sentence.

“A list of free reference sites useful to writers”Writers Free Reference.

Research Paper Help by Jessalyn Swindoll.

Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation

GrammarNOW! A Grammar, Composition, Editing, Proofreading Resource

Vocabula Review, for those who feel “A society is generally as lax as its language.”, the home of Vocabulary University®.

LibrarySpot Grammar & Style

Common Errors in English by Paul Brians

Perhaps you need a good fence to match your lovely tree.

Living to leeward,
I comb the beach for treasure,
till my ship comes in.© Kevin L. Carlson
Poetry DailyThe Writer’s AlmanacAlliterationThe Poet Speaks of Art

The sine qua non of Boston’s haiku

Need a thought for the day? Try someone else’s words, a piece of trivia, or other factoids, or maybe something interesting and useful from an online encyclopedia. Some web sites are antidotes to insulin shock. Familiar quotations:…, by John Bartlett.Uselessknowledge.comPut your knowledge of trivia to work atGoldPocket.comFrom This Day in History

Freeality Internet Search Words, Phrases, and Quotations

Creative Quotations

Cliché Finder



To answer questions and get suggestions about presentations, the world wide web can be a resource. Answers on
It’s not quite My Word! from the BBC, but it is home grown WGBH Radio 89.5 FM presents Says you! and you might find My Word! on WBUR 90.9 FM
To answer frequently asked questions, (FAQ’s), about Toastmasters International, Toastmasters @ MIT put a wonderful page on the web. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
If you need contest guidance… District 21’s Forms for running ContestsDistrict 61’s Contest Resource pageHumorous Speech Contest Rules