Overview of Toastmasters

Toastmasters International is dedicated to training members in the arts of thinking, listening, and speaking. While each member sets his or her own goals, all members work within a club to improve their communication and leadership skills. Our club’s mission is to provide a supportive and positive environment in which to achieve those goals.

Membership and materials are available at very low cost. Dues are prorated, so the total cost depends on when you join. The initial dues are not more that $70.00 and semi-annual dues, collected in March and September, are $50.00.

The Pathways Learning Experience outlines the different paths or projects to develop your communication and leadership skills and build unique competencies.  An online assessment is available to help you decide which path/project is right for you.

Boston Speech Party is dedicated to assisting its members in improving their communication and leadership skills.

Guests are always welcome at our meetings. Visit us!